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A Royal Patron

In December 2015 HRH The Princess Royal graciously agreed to become the Honourable Company's first Patron. The official press release concerning this announcement is copied below.

HRH The Princess Royal

The Honourable Company of Gloucestershire is delighted to announce that HRH The Princess Royal has graciously agreed to become the organisation’s first Patron. Up until this point Her Royal Highness had been one of only two Honorary Members of the Company.

The Honourable Company of Gloucestershire was formed in 2007 and operates in much the same fashion as City of London livery companies, but in this case rather than focussing on a trade or profession it is there to uphold the county’s traditions and history, and to ensure that future achievements are both encouraged and celebrated. In 2012 it also set up its own Charitable Trust. It owes its creation to the vision of the former Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Sir Henry Elwes KCVO.

The Warden, Anne Chambers, commented that ‘This is a great accolade for the Honourable Company and on behalf of all members I wish to thank Her Royal Highness for according us this singular honour. It reflects well on the efforts of our developing organisation to act as a force for good in the county and we will strive to be worthy of this Royal imprimatur.’

The Honourable Company is continuing the development of membership and to enhance its ability to support inter alia youth organisations, business, education, science and the arts as well as wider community activities; a common factor here is the encouragement of leadership and excellence, particularly in young people.

Honourable Company of Gloucester

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