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The Honourable Company of Gloucestershire

Company Officers

The Officers of the Company are the Warden, Assistant Warden and Junior Warden; they are each elected by the Court, effectively the Company’s Board of Directors. While the Court itself consists nominally of 12 members, including the three Wardens, the number of members can be varied at the Court’s discretion. Each of the Officers serves for one calendar year, although in exceptional circumstances this period can be extended to two years. When the Warden retires he/she is automatically replaced by the Assistant Warden, who is in turn replaced by the Junior Warden; a new Junior Warden is then elected. Members of Court may serve no more than two 4-year terms, except where he/she has served as Warden, in which case the period as Warden is counted in addition to these two terms. The Company Secretary holds the title of Clerk.


Here you can find brief biographical information together with contact details for current members of Court.

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Previous Wardens

Since the Honourable Company was formed there have been 10 previous Wardens, starting with Sir Henry Elwes, Warden Emeritus, in 2008-2009.

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Honourable Company of Gloucester

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