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Schools' Christmas Lectures

The Seventh Annual Gloucestershire Schools' Christmas Lectures took place at the Bacon Theatre at Dean Close School, Cheltenham on Monday 5 December 2016. Some 460 pupils from 14 schools in the County attended. Presentations from two leading science communicators, both of whom have worked for the BBC,  focused on how engineering supports all aspects of life together with an alternative history of life on Earth. Teachers identified the value to pupils of experiencing STEM subjects in a varied and engaging environment as well as seeing how the sciences are applied in the real world.

Zoe Gamble looked at 'Engineering for Life: From Cradle to Grave’.  She discussed the science of ultra-scans, the materials technology in absorbent nappies(!) and the myths behind cryogenic freezing. 

Jules Howard used the theory of evolution by natural selection to consider what the world might have looked like if dinosaurs still roamed the planet.

The sponsors of this year's lectures were Gloucestershire Community Foundation, Renishaw plc, Gloucestershire Engineering Training, Zyex Group Ltd and the International Food Information Service.  The Honourable Company is extremely grateful for their unstinting support.

Some 4,000 Gloucestershire students have attended the lectures since their inception and each year the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are delighted to once again present the lectures in December 2017.


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