Visit to Sebring Sports Cars

Published on 8 May 2023

On 27 April 2023, a group of 16 members visited Vial Spark now re-branded as Sebring Sports Cars. Mark and Rebecca Denyer started the business as a company which would convert classic cars to an electric power train, however, they soon found that they were being diverted from their core business of electric power train installation to a classic car restoration, a direction in which they did not wish to travel.

Their key IPR is a chassis and associated electric power train. Having acquired Sebring, this gave access to a fibreglass Austin Healey 3000 body, which has since been augmented by Porsche speedster and VW van fibreglass bodies. Their intention is to offer electrically powered classic replicas, with modern running gear, for which they have 30 orders; the first of which is due to be delivered in one month.

The HCG group were given full access to the workshop and they inspected a vehicle during assembly where all new parts are being used for the vehicles, The battery pack is out-sourced as is the motor. Mark highlighted some of the problems in assembly where parts are sometimes either unavailable or expensive, he explained that Sebring were using laser printing to produce parts in carbon fibre rather than metal, which had the added advantage of weight reduction.

Sebring have acquired a larger facility and another visit is to be arranged to see the Company’s progress. Further information can be obtained from their website see below