Business Interest Group

The Business Interest Group’s aim is to assist in the development of business and the economy of Gloucestershire, to support those who are seeking to deliver change. We endeavour to identify issues which support or impede the growth and health of the economy of the County, although the Group by itself has not the mechanism to deliver projects, it is our intention to engage and work with those interested organisations and individuals who can. We act as an independent group to encourage and support those individuals or organisations who are adding value to the economy. Within the HCG we will identify members whose experience and knowledge may be able to contribute to offering solutions as to how we may be able to support the County’s economy.

The Group works with the Gloucestershire LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership), who are currently focused on Zero Carbon projects. The Honourable Company’s annual Gloucestershire Schools’ Christmas Programme and The Anne Cadbury Award to College students engaged in reducing the County’s carbon footprint contribute to this aim.


The HCG Business Group will, continue to develop relationships between the Company, businesses and educational establishments in the county, through the following objectives:

  1. Sustain the Anne Cadbury Awards at the rate of at least one each year in conjunction with the Community Support Group.
  2. Maintain and develop the Company’s commitment to rural affairs with the possible outcome of establishing a separate interest group.
  3. Monitor and develop the Company’s contribution to Gloucestershire’s strategic plans through GFirst LEP, the Local Industrial Strategy, Gloucestershire 2050 and monitor the impact on the County of policies emanating from Central Government through regular dialogue with our MPs
  4. Deliver at least one activity or lecture for Company members annually, primarily focusing on zero carbon and cyber topics.
  5. Maintain the development of on-line material for HCG members, with topics such as Zero carbon, Cyber and financial impacts on the Gloucestershire economy.
  6. Continue to deliver the Annual Gloucestershire Schools’ Christmas Lectures.

Committee Members

  • Michel Jones (Chair)
  • Patrick Brooke
  • Nicola de Iongh
  • Andy Downton
  • Brian Kemp
  • Paul Markey
  • Chris Pockett
  • Peter Randall
  • Henry Robinson
  • Mike Warner