Brendan’s Bridge

Brendan Bridge Presentation

The HCG Trust recently awarded a grant of £500 to Brendan’s Bridge Charity in Gloucester.  The charity provides a wrap-around service to young people of 12 to 24 years old who have experienced extreme Adverse Childhood Experiences, many of whom may be at risk of engaging in criminal activities.  Support is given through traditional youth work and through the offer of therapeutic mental health services. The charity also provides mental health counselling for all ages in the heart of some of the most challenged communities.  The application was for funding towards the development of young youth leaders, particularly from the Eastern European Gypsy community and the Black community, as peer mentors in their respective communities.  The cheque was presented by Trustee Bill Armiger, who was impressed by the work Brendan’s Bridge does in the city with young disaffected people, bolstering the confidence of those who are in, or close to, extremely risky drug and violence gang culture.